About Us

DENTAL CARE CLINIC is the only fully equipped dental and implantology clinic in Zekeriyakoy, located in the center. 

Our  team of specialists have deep experience in implantology, surgery, periodontology, orthodontics; general, cosmetic, pediatric and restorative dentistry. Every member of our team has many years of focused training and ongoing personal development in the area of dentistry. Our doctors are members of Ossoder, Aesthetic Dental Association, European Orthodontics Society (EOS), Oral Implantology Association, Academy of Laser Dentistry..

We've created a 21st century dental clinic that offers our local and international patients a welcoming environment, designed to give them the very best experience in dental treatments. English and German are spoken in Dental Care Clinic Zekeriyakoy.

PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY: A whole floor of the Dental Care Clinic is dedicated to children only, with waiting and treatment rooms and dental units specially designed for children. Panoramic x-ray children program is also available for minimum exposure.

ORTHODONTICS: Our specialized orthodontist practices with titanium, and clear dental braces or clear removable aligners depending on the patient's preference, and needs.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY & PROSTHODONTICS: Smile design, gum reshaping, aesthetic crown lengtening, aesthetic fillings, porcelain veneers, laminate veneers, aesthetic crowns, bridges & dentures.

TEETH WHITENING: Laser bleaching, Ozone bleaching, Led office bleaching treatments are all available in Dental Care Zekeriyakoy. (The most suitable treatment for your teeth will be advised by your dentist.)

BOTOX AND DERMAL FILLER TREATMENTS: We are able to treat with botox and dermal fillers; the aesthetic areas including the forehead, in between the brows, crow's feet around the eyes and lines around the lips. We also treat dental conditions such as bruxism, and high lip line/gummy smile.

PERIODONTICS: Gingivitis, periodontitis, halitosis treatments, and periodontal operations are performed by our specialized periodontist. 

ENDODONTICS: We offer high-quality root canal theraphy that will help you keep your natural teeth.(Digital  radiographs  to provide computerized imaging of your teeth, apex  locators, Nickel Titanium Instruments)

DENTAL LASER TREATMENT: Gum surgery without bleeding, and stiches, and post-op discomfort. Gum leveling, oral operations, cavity detection, and preparation. Teeth and gums bleaching. 

OZONE THERAPHY and HALITOSIS TREATMENT: Prophylaxis and prevention of dental caries, and gum diseases. Remineralisaton of caries, desensitization of sensitive tooth, soft tissue pathoses, the treatment of infected wounds, and inflammmatory process. Halitosis treatment.

ADVANCED DIGITAL IMAGING: Digital Panoramic X-Ray: Showing all teeth & jaws in one picture, secures precise diagnosis, while greatly reducing the radiation exposure. Both adult & children programs are available.

Dental Cameras: Gives the patients the opportunity to follow the steps of the procedure clearly on the monitor.

RVG: Radiovisiography both for diagnosis, and treatment.

SEDATION: Nitrous oxide sedation for both adults, and children are used in Dental Care Clinic for the comfort of our patients. 

ORAL & MAXİLLOFACIAL SURGERY & IMPLANTS: All oral operations are performed by  oral surgeons only. Only the best quality implants are used which lead to high success rates.

MAXIMUM SANITATION: Antibacterial flooring, and painting. All instruments are either disposable or autoclave sterilized. Wrapping that ensures instrument sterility, to be opened in front of your eyes only.


Pediatric Dental Clinic

Adult Dental Clinic