Invisible Braces (Ecligner)

Only few people are blessed with perfect teeth. Malaligned and malpositioned teeth are a huge problem for many among us. They feel uneasy and impaired by them in their daily routines and even in their professional career. Even smiling is difficult for them. Even the thought of traditional brackets makes them shiver and puts off adults in particular to have their teeth realigned. There is no need for that. Because:

The eCligner system sets a new benchmark and will convince you when it comes to move teeth rapidly and effectively step by step with little force by means of flexible and nearly invisible aligners. Compared to traditional applications eCligner shortens and simplifies the time of treatment considerably. Moreover the eCligner aligners are even more transparent, lighter, extremely painless and removable at any time.

Best wearing comfort and highest aesthetics paired with full transparency of the aligners will bring you first visible results within only fifteen days.

The eCligner aligner system – a revolutionary technology

The cutting edge of the new eCligner aligner system lies in long-standing experience. Conventional and well-recognized principles of modern orthodontics have been of decisive importance in the development of eCligner. The permanent redesign of existing systems led to the innovations realized in eCligner.

The eCligner principle is easy and convincing as well. The latest digital technology regulates most precisely the correction of the teeth. An elaborate digital software fine-tunes the individual steps of the treatment. The realignment of teeth can now be planned precisely in advance. The digital technology enables the patient to have a preview of the final result of the planned correction of the teeth before the start of the treatment. You can see what you will get. The digital technology offers as a further advantage that changes of the treatment can be made at any time during the treatment.

By wearing the eCligner aligners your teeth move step by step, almost unremarkably and almost invisibly into the right position. This happens by means of various very thin and nearly transparent plastic aligners, that are well aligned as "soft”, "medium” and "hard” aligners. The use of layers of different thickness is one of the main distinctions of eCligner to its competitors.

The eCligner technology stands for:

  • precise planning
  • perfect aesthetics
  • completely digital and therefore simple handling
  • polyvalent use and users
  • final result can be viewed before the start of the treatment
  • changes of the treatment can be made at any time during the treatment
  • shorter time of treatment
  • snug fit
  • nearly invisible
  • extremely transparent and thin material
  • cost efficiency

Advantages and reasons

Innovation and well-documented clinical studies have made eCligner one of the leading providers of an aligner system that realigns misplaced teeth precisely, quickly and at a high rate of success. These are advantages that are difficult to beat and that guarantee its users an advantage in terms of the satisfaction of their patients. Only eCligner is in a position to make this promise which renders it unique.

A view on the advantages:

  • innovative technology based on a wealth of experience
  • high quality and time saving regulating regulation of teeth
  • final result can be looked at before beginning of the treatment
  • aesthetically convincing thanks to transparent optic
  • thinnest and therefore most transparent aligner system in the market
  • hardly visible and extremely transparent
  • digital production allows for most precise correction
  • best wearing comfort thanks to extremely soft plastic material
  • no impairment of speaking
  • snug fit and dimensionally stable
  • made of one material only
  • fast option in a strategy of treatment
  • comfortable, invisible and free of pain
  • removable at any time
  • no influence on eating habits
  • unlimited hygiene
  • few and only short checks required
  • cost efficient
  • permanent quality control by accompanying expert team
  • long standing comprehensive documentation